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What we do with a Damp Problem is try to explain, that the damp is not always directly in the area of the damp patch, it could be the Lead flashing, a ridge tile, un-felted slate roof, missing tiles, leaking water pipes, the seal around a bath, shower or sink, frost damaged chimney stack, blocked gulley, badly fitted or gutter in disrepair, the flashing around the chimney pot, Has a disused chimney not been closed off properly (capped with an air vent),

Many of these could be causing the problem you have described. Would you like to undertake all of the above only to find out it is still has not solved the problem!

Well that is the problem with damp, you need to try and trace the problem using a damp meter like a Rapitest Dtm 118 Damp Test Meter, there are now many more cheaper versions available from amazon.co.uk. www.diy.com or ebay.co.uk.

Look at the diagram below of how to draw a map to trace the damp:

Then test an area and mark your results on your diagram, this should give you a pattern so giving a good guide line as to the worst damp area, then you can look to possibly finding the cause. This plan can also be used in attic spaces as well, just draw in the timbers and mark the results along them..

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