Chimney Solutions

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Often the best way to solve a chimney problem is call your sweep and have the chimney swept or just get FREE help and advice from your sweep.

Carbon Dioxide alarm has gone off: open windows and doors to vent the area, safely put your fire out or turn the gas off, call your gas engineer or chimney sweep to investigate why the alarm went off, do NOT relight your appliance until it has been given the all clear.

Birds Nesting: fit a bird guard to stop them nesting in your chimney.

Damp in and around your chimney can cause mold and other associated problems, go to our Damp page for some guidance.

I can smell smoke upstairs when I have a fire downstairs, call your sweep as they can advise on likely causes and ways to solve it for you, do not use your fire until it is solved as you could be poisoning the upstairs and connecting rooms with Carbon Dioxide.

My chimney smokes, it could be blocked, partially sooted up, have you just had a new bathroom, kitchen or windows fitted, had your building renovated, has a neighbour had work done, these can be some of the reasons, often it is best to call your sweep and maybe get a free assessment done to see what the cause is.

I am getting a lot of tar down my chimney, you are burning the wrong fuel or it is very damp, call the sweep for free help and advice on how to remove the tar and prevent it happening again.

Just a few examples, often you can find a solution by visiting our Site Map page, as we have many pages on all of the above and other items

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Area Day Chimney Sweeping® is £39.00 per chimney flue