Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a KILLER (Children and Babies are more susceptible to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning) so please have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in the room that is burning Coal, Wood or Gas, if birds nest in your chimney on a yearly basis have an approved anti bird cowl fitted as the nest stops the fumes, meaning you get the fumes, also the nest could catch fire and cause structural damage to your property and also be life threatening. If in doubt about your chimney, ask your chimney sweep for advice!

If your Carbon Monoxide alarm has gone off, open windows and doors to vent the area, safely put your fire out or turn the gas off, call your gas engineer or chimney sweep to investigate why the alarm went off, do NOT relight your appliance until it has been given the all clear. Below are some useful links:

HETAS and carbon monoxide

NHS Carbon Monoxide

The Fire Service

The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015

Please buy and fit a Carbon Dioxide as we like to keep our customers alive.

Carbon Monoxde Alarms can be bought from:

Your local DIY shop (support local businesses) or Wickes, B&Q, Homebase, Robert Dyas, Chim-Me-Sweep.

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